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Nirvana Technology, Inc. is the leading provider of 100% web/browser based Spa Management, Activity Management, Resource Management, Gift Certificate Management, Call Center Management, Dynamic Packaging, Channel Management, Rate Management and Electronic Distribution Solutions. These solutions empower full-service hotels and resorts with the tools necessary to maximize non-room revenues resulting in significant increases in profitability.

All Nirvana software solutions are hosted on Nirvana-owned and managed servers. Properties no longer have to purchase and maintain on-site servers to take advantage of hi-end, full-function spa and activity management software solutions. The only on-property hardware required is standard PC with a browser. You can use a Windows-based PC, Apple Mac, or any other computer as long as it has a browser. No software has to be installed on the point-of-sale PC and properties do not have to worry about servers crashing, battery backup, tape backup rotation, server maintenance or any of the other day-to-day responsibilities required with older client-server based solutions.

While powerful on-property solutions are necessary for efficient activity management operations, most high-end operators have found that the key to maximizing profitability lies with full-featured electronic distribution (ED) of these activities. All of Nirvana's solutions were designed with powerful and easy-to-use electronic distribution capabilities as a primary requirement. Nirvana has established itself as the activity-scheduling ED leader with advanced package management, rate management, and channel management capabilities, and integration with Synxis, Pegasus and HTNG

Nirvana solutions are very unique in that all software modules have been designed to facilitate electronic distribution from day one. Our competitors will allow you to make reservations from the point-of-sale but the Nirvana's Electronic Distribution module allows you to publish your spa and activity services on your website, call center, concierge, in-room TV, or even to your customers' cell-phone. Any browser-enabled device can be used by your customers to make reservations and manage itineraries. Your customers can book reservations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Electronic Distribution increases customer satisfaction, reduces errors, and frees up your front desk staff giving them more time to spend providing customer service.

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